Orthodox Churches in Riga Diocese

Map of every Orthodox church, monastery, and cathedral in Riga diocese in 1911-12.*

Red - Estland province; Blue - Livland province; Green - Kurland province; Orange - monasteries and convents; Purple - cathedrals.

Click on a point to see information, pictures, and other media.** Click on the arrow in the top left-hand corner to see the legend. A full-size version of the map can be found by pressing the square in the top right-hand corner.

Sources: Adres-kalendar Estliandskoi gubernii na 1912 god (Revel, 1911); Adres-kalendar Kurliandskoi gubernii (Mitava, 1911); Pamiatnaia knizhka i adres-kalendar Lifliandskoi gubernii na 1912 g. (Riga 1912); A. Gavrilin, ‘Pravoslavnye prikhody na territorii Kurliandskoi gubernii’, Pravoslavie v Baltii no. 2 (11) (2014): 39-56; www.sobory.ru; www.eoc.ee; www.orthodox.ee.

* THIS MAP IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. At this time, 10-15 parishes have yet to be added. Locations are precise for 85-90% of parishes: where we have been unable to locate a precise location, the point is placed in the settlement from which the parish took its name. If you notice errors or have further information on a parish, please use the Contact Us page to let us know. Further updates will be made regularly.

** Parish names are provided in their modern Latvian and Estonian forms. The names of clergy are presented in their ‘russified’ versions at the moment: these will be amended to their Latvian/Estonian forms in future updates.

Map of parishes in Riga diocese (colour coded according to date of foundation)

Orange - before 1825; Green - 1826-1860; Purple - 1861-1880; Blue - 1881-1900; Red - 1901-1914; Black - errata/insufficient data.

This map provides a clear visualisation of the changing nature of religious space in the Baltic provinces. Particularly prominent are the two conversion waves in the 1840s (green) and the 1880s (blue). If you click the tick boxes in the legend, you can isolate a particular date category on the map.